Announcing our December 2013 artist residency

Artist Exchange bridges communities between Baltimore, USA and Rotterdam, Netherlands

During December 9-19, 2013, the Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee (BRSCC) is bringing Rotterdam artist Kathie diStefano to Baltimore for an artist residency, as part of the ongoing HarborTraces artist exchange.

Kathie diStefano employs participatory techniques and theatre art to create awareness with youth and seniors about the environment through creative strategies to recycle and make smart consumer decisions in Heijplaat in Rotterdam. During diStefano’s December artist residency in Brooklyn-Curtis Bay, she will collaborate with Jason Reed, a garden educator and Open Society Institute Fellow, to conduct a series of projects and workshops for community residents, teachers, and students. Participating schools include Benjamin Franklin High School (BFHS) and Curtis Bay Elementary / Middle School.

HarborTraces is an integral part of BRSCC’s mission: to promote cooperation, mutual understanding and friendship between residents of Baltimore and Rotterdam. The December 2013 artist residency:

  • Gives an international community perspective to the classroom
  • Helps build bridges between the similar cities so that we can learn from each other
  • Aims to establish international partnerships for arts education with an emphasis on community engagement and sustainability

More information:

Institutions participating in the December 2013 artist residency